A final note from me

*Disclaimer; all the information given is only my advice and opinions, free to take or leave as you wish, just based upon my own research and experiences. Understandably, there may be changes made to certain procedures by the time you carry out your placement, so make sure to read up before you go so you can be as prepared as possible for a more enjoyable experience. *

I really hope if you’re thinking of applying to Philips or the University of Sheffield this has helped with your decision. I had such a wonderful time travelling and working abroad. Eindhoven was such a lovely city and I made loads of international friends on placement – I just got back from visiting one of them in Zurich!

The work experience I’ve gained from the company has been extremely useful and I feel privileged and grateful to have been part of such an organisation.  

If you have any questions about applying to Philips or living out in Eindhoven please do not hesitate to contact my e-mail: holly_pearce@hotmail.co.uk.