A word from other students

The Department has a long standing relationship with Philips in Eindhoven, with several students completing a 5 month placement at the High Tech Campus each year.


Meet Lornalorna-sinclair
I only worked for Philips for three months rather than 5 like all the other industrial students, as I’m a Materials Science and Engineering (Research) student, and Dr Leyland (Academic Student Placement  Advisor) was able to help me secure a placement through his connections.

I found it a really fun place to work, and particularly relevant to me as it gave me a taste of working in industry, but still focusing on research. Everyone within my group at Philips was really friendly and welcoming and it was a much less difficult transition from uni life to working life than I had anticipated!

The actual work was very interesting. We were all working on fairly different projects, with mine being more electrical based than biological. This was a bit intimidating at first, but it was easy to learn on the job and my supervisor was more than happy to explain things whenever I had difficulties. I also got to add a materials twist to the project by suggesting new things to try that hadn’t been considered before.

The research I did is currently being put forward to the inventions committee for a patent proposal, so it’s clear we were working on real problems that Philips faces!

Eindhoven was a lovely place to live and the High Tech Campus hardly felt like a workplace, with so many extra events and activities going on all the time! Living abroad was exciting and eye opening, but doing so with a few close friends still made it feel a bit like home. If anybody is interested in working abroad, and fancies the opportunity to visit new places, as well as meeting other students and researchers from all over the world, I would highly recommend considering Philips as an option!