BSN and Stadpas

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BSN and Stadpas (Once you are in The Netherlands)

As you won’t be a tourist but actually working and living within The Netherlands you will have to register to get a Burger Service Number (BSN), as a citizen in Eindhoven. You can register at the Eindhoven ‘Stadhuis’, or Town Hall as we’d call it, by calling up or walking in to book a meeting in advance. This will likely only book you a time slot and when you arrive on the day you’ll be asked to take another ‘ticket’ before you’re actually called to see someone.

KEY THINGS TO NOTE are that if you are staying for over 4 months (which you will be if you are on the MEng industrial placement) you will need to state this when you call up to book. This essentially means you register as a ‘resident’ rather than a ‘non-resident’, both involve the implications of Dutch laws, but for the latter, you are not considered to be permanently living there.

For example, the BSN will allow you to be reimbursed for tax reductions on wages, but being a registered resident will also gain you a card, ‘Stadpas’ (pictured), for the rubbish disposal system and discounts throughout the centre.  You don’t have to add a photo of yourself if you just use the card for the disposal units.



By law and for your own benefit you want to get this sorted out ASAP on settling in!! You will be taxed about 50% of your income from Philips for each month. To avoid this, as soon as you have received your BSN number you’ll want to e-mail your ‘admission and payroll specialist’ at Philips – the person who e-mailed you your contracts – or the Philips People Services e-mail;

I believe you’ll need to do with within the first week of May to avoid being taxed for that first month. Most of us missed that deadline but just got twice the money back in June. You only need to send them your BSN once for it to be effective every month. You can of course let yourself get taxed every month and then just send your BSN off in the final month and still receive all the money back but just in one go instead, however, you’ll probably find you want the money as you go!

On the day of registration, you’ll need your new address in Eindhoven, an address in England, your passport and you’ll also need your birth certificate (good luck prying this from your mother’s fingers!) if you are registering for over 4 months. I recommend having housing contract printed and your home address written clearly down to help speed up the process.

Deregistering can only be done WITHIN 5 days of departure from the Netherlands (I did mine the day of my flight!). It only takes about 10 minutes and you can just walk in and take a waiting ticket on the day. I think you only need your passport, if that, for deregistering.

For more information, see; (a great website in general for a guide to Eindhoven life!)