Avoiding International Phone Bills!

As you’ll be abroad for 5 months you may want to consider getting a dutch SIM card for cheaper data usage and texting others who changed their SIM. Although I didn’t do this, I asked my mates which companies they went with and their advice:

  • Lebara: “Had the cheapest data”
  • Vodafone: “Had the best customer service and worked in the rest of the EU”
  • Vectone: “Was good because it had a bit of everything in it. In this package I got 500 international minutes which was really valuable to me as I called the UK often”

    “However, they were quite tricky to figure out sometimes and if you had a problem you had to wait a while on the phone to get it fixed”

Of course the deals may have changed by the time of your visit!
(p.s. Thanks friends)

Also a suggested link for a cheap and fast way to unlock an EE phone: DoctorSim
“May be cheaper for other mobile phone providers.”

Alternatively, a few of us signed up to international deals offered with our mobile contracts, and kept our british SIM. For example, my friend got a certain about of international minutes and data with Tesco Mobile. I already had free EU calls with EE extra but paid a discounted amount for a daily allowance of data, only charged on the days when I switched data on.

Obviously, no deal will be perfect but you’ll probably find data useful for days out when you want to find your way around a new city (some paper maps are expensive!). I’d also suggest pre-downloading some areas on ‘Google Maps’ and ‘Tripadvisor’ to save you some money and hassle.

Alas there is one benefit though, most of the city centre in Eindhoven has WiFi; mainly through eduroam or a restaurant connection.


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