If you need a GP

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If you need a GP

I had to visit the doctors whilst I was out in The Netherlands but fortunately a company in Eindhoven called SGE international focused on providing a health care service for international citizens of the country. This was a great service with the receptionists, GPs and pharmacists all speaking English.

Additionally, booking appointments was really easy and I was seen very quickly, also prescriptions could be picked up by someone in your place and in my case were re-newed without needing to see the GP again. They are only open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but you could also consult the GP with a phone appointment, which I did one lunch time.

Health insurance is compulsory for taxpayers in The Netherlands and as I did not have this I initially had to pay for all my appointments and prescriptions. However, I could claim this back using my EU health insurance once back in The U.K, with the bills and proof of payment.