A bit about Philips

Being an employee at the HTC and why you should apply

A bit about Philips

My placement was at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, in the south of The Netherlands, with Philips Electronics Nederland B.V. I worked from the 2nd May to the 16th September 2016 as an intern within the Surface Moduli and Interfaces group, under the Philips Innovation Services department.

In general as an intern at Philips I felt well respected and valued within my role by my supervisors and superiors, reflected in the responsibilities I was given. My time at Philips has definitely given my C.V. the facelift it needed for going into my final year, with such a well-respected and recognised company name and the skills gained from the experience.

Philips is a company renowned worldwide for its range of products in such areas as lighting, consumer care and medical equipment. Its history is rich in novel and ground-breaking technology e.g. integrated circuits, international radio transmission, electronic shavers with multiple heads, the compact disc, etc – highlighting what an excellent research and development system has been established over the years.

I know some people have had concerns that they haven’t done any biomaterial modules since first year and whether this would affect their application and capability for Philips. However knowledge in many areas of materials science is inherent to product pioneering at Philips, and for this reason, I doubt you will feel under qualified. If anything I enjoyed getting the chance to explore this aspect of the subject more.

I found it interesting witnessing the extensive variety of simultaneous ongoing projects just within one department. I personally was involved with two completely different research projects; one in the early development stages for a medical product and the other modifying a test-bed for the improvement of other Philips products for consumer care. This may also potentially mean that, if there are several of you going out there, there’ll be the option to pick a particular topic out of a selection, that you’re more interested in.